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Can Acupuncture Help Your Anxiety?

With all that is going on in the world today, it is no wonder that people are suffering from anxiety in record numbers. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with negative world news, we are overscheduled, and we have a hard time taking a step back for self-care. Acupuncture is a wonderful and effective way to help manage your anxiety during these stressful times.

How many acupuncture treatments do you need to help manage anxiety?

This is such a great question.

Acupuncture is cumulative, which means that after each treatment, the goal is for you to feel a

little bit better, for a little longer, until you get to a place where you can manage your stress

better. Then we can start spacing the treatments out to see how you feel.

Acupuncture helps anxiety and stabilizes mood in a similar way to how it helps with pain control. Acupuncture targets nerves and tissue connection sites, stimulating endorphins, serotonin, pain-relieving neurotransmitters, and hormones. All of our feel-good chemicals!

Many medications used to treat anxiety work by stimulating or regulating the production of

these essential chemicals in the brain. Acupuncture has a similar effect without the complication of side effects.

It always depends on the person, because everyone is different. Generally, the recommendation is once a week for 6-8 treatments. Then we will try two weeks between treatments, then three, etc.

Many of my anxiety patients come in monthly for maintenance treatments. Acupuncture is beneficial at preventing anxiety once we've got it under control, so wellness visits are a beneficial option at that point.

As always, send me your questions!

If you're ready to try acupuncture to feel more balanced and manage your anxiety symptoms,

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