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Meet our team of passionate, skilled Longmont practitioners

Eartha Armstrong

MSOM (Master of Science in Oriental Medicine)
Dipl O.M. (NCCAOM - nationally certified)
L.Ac (Licensed Colorado acupuncturist)

About Eartha:

Hello, I'm Eartha Armstrong, the founder and clinic director of Mulberry Acupuncture and Wellness. I look forward to working with you. As a licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist, I have devoted my career to helping others feel better and gaining the ability to get back to doing the things that they love to do.

I combine the latest research with clinical experience to inform my treatments. While acupuncture is a traditional technique first developed over 3000 years ago, modern clinical research methods are being used to confirm the efficacy of acupuncture treatment for many common health concerns. My evidence-based and research-supported approach ensures that you receive the best care with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

I have also been greatly influenced by my own experience of receiving acupuncture treatments throughout my adulthood. I began to experience asthma symptoms at a young age, and my condition soon became much more severe. This led my family to try several different types of treatment, including herbal and homeopathic medicines and breathing therapy machines. Unfortunately, we did not have much success. My asthma eventually became so severe that I was hospitalized after a terrifying incident in which I was almost entirely unable to breathe on my own. I was treated for the acute symptoms of my asthma and was given a rescue inhaler. This helped to bring my asthma symptoms under control. However, the motivation of not wanting to be on medications for the rest of my life inspired me to seek alternative forms of care.


I eventually began receiving regular acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbal medicine prescribed by my practitioner to treat my condition. The results were simply amazing! The regular occurrences of asthma symptoms that I had been experiencing for years became less and less frequent. I eventually stopped taking regular asthma medications and have since been able to maintain healthy breathing. I still carry an emergency inhaler in case I need it, but blessedly, I have not used it for many years. After having experienced firsthand the results of successful acupuncture and herbal treatments, my early interest in Chinese medicine was kindled, and I knew that I had found my calling.

I received a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado, completing over 3000 didactic and clinical study hours. During the four years of study, I specialized in Chinese herbal medicine, sleep disorders, Dr. Tan's Balance method, Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis, and emotional and pain disorders. 

Post-graduation, I spent time studying in Kunming, China, where I had the amazing opportunity to follow Zhou Qing in her gynecology and fertility department at the Kunming Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also worked with Dr. Tuesday Wasserman at The Birth Center of Boulder, where my focus was on women's health, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. I now enjoy running a busy little practice in downtown Longmont, CO, where I get to do what I love to do every day - help people feel better. 


I am excited and proud to be a practitioner who can help others that suffer from asthma, acute and chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, women's health, and many other conditions. I am humbled by the opportunity to practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist and to work with you to realize your body's potential for healing and wellness. 


Courtney Smith

MSAC (Master in Science of Acupuncture)
Dipl A.C. (NCCAOM - nationally certified)
L.Ac (Licensed Colorado acupuncturist)

About Courtney:


Hi, I’m Courtney Smith.  I am a Colorado-licensed and nationally certified-acupuncturist. I am passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals so they can live their lives to the fullest as the best versions of themselves.  


I decided to pursue Chinese Medicine because I knew that I liked to ask questions.  My analytical mind always wanted to know “why?”  My first experience with acupuncture was for mood and digestive issues.  I had tried the Western Medical route, but I was still experiencing symptoms and did not respond well to the medications I was being prescribed.  My acupuncturist discussed with me the root cause of my issues and came to find out they were not all physical but also mental and emotional.  Not only did I learn that my lifestyle was contributing to my health concerns, but also my relationships were, including my relationship with myself.  


Once I began to be more selective with my foods, friends, and thoughts, an entirely new world opened up to me. I felt a greater sense of empowerment and self-efficacy.  These realizations and my experiences in yoga teacher training and as a chiropractic assistant were the catalysts for my decision to study acupuncture.  I chose to attend the Master of Science in Acupuncture program at Southwest Acupuncture College.  In addition to extensive time in the classroom and the school clinic, I found joy in participating in extern clinics working with AIDS patients and the elderly.  


After school, my husband and I relocated to the east coast, where I joined a thriving women's health practice in Alexandria, VA, focusing mainly on fertility, especially IVF and IUI patients.  I found supporting women on their fertility journeys to be the most rewarding work that I have ever done.  I became passionate about supporting women in all aspects of their health and at different stages of their lives.  After giving birth to my son a few years ago, I now understand more than ever how much support women need in the postpartum phase.  It is a hugely significant and delicate time in a woman's life, and many women do not receive the care that they need and deserve.  I also specialize in treating stress and anxiety, sleep challenges, and digestive issues.  


I am thrilled to be back and practicing here in Colorado.  I have always been inspired by this community's commitment to their health and dedication to a more holistic lifestyle.  I look forward to serving you!  

Anne D.jpeg

Dr. Anne Devereux

DACM (Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine)
Dipl O.M. (NCCAOM - nationally certified)
L.Ac (Licensed Colorado acupuncturist)

About Anne:


Hello, I’m Dr. Anne Devereux, a licensed acupuncturist and board-certified herbalist passionate about guiding my patients on their health journey through integrative and holistic medicine, empowerment, and education.


My journey into medicine began in the biomedical field, focusing on women’s health. It was there that I discovered my love for patient care, empowerment, and health education. Starting with entry-level clinical and administrative roles, I explored various career paths, including nursing, public health, and international relief work.


However, my true calling emerged from my personal health struggles. Battling digestive and dermatological issues, I visited numerous specialists in the Boulder/Denver area without finding a clear diagnosis or solution. This led me to seek out a local acupuncturist and herbalist. Remarkably, within my first visit, she provided a clear diagnosis and treatment plan, igniting my passion for East Asian medicine.


I earned my Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College, in 2012. During this four-year program, I also worked as an herbal pharmacist/intern at the late Chip Chace’s Chautauqua Apothecary and taught yoga in Denver. After graduation, I established a private acupuncture and herbal practice in Boulder, specializing in women’s health, sports medicine, and stress management for over a decade.


In 2024, I received my Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science. This program fueled my desire for interdisciplinary and collaborative opportunities, ensuring my patients receive the most effective, evidence-based care possible.


Joining the Mulberry team allows me to further expand these goals within a team that shares my values and vision. I am excited to continue serving the Boulder County community as part of this dedicated and compassionate team.

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