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Relax. Heal. Thrive.

Massage is safe and beneficial throughout pregnancy with our trained and certified specialty providers.

 In the world of massage therapy, it's common to find practitioners with little specialized training in prenatal and postpartum care. Yet with the right practitioner, Prenatal Massage is incredibly safe and highly beneficial. 


At Mulberry Acupuncture & Wellness, our Massage Therapist, Sarah, has received specialized pregnancy and postpartum education from leaders in the industry. With that comes a comprehensive awareness of pregnancy, bodily changes and shifts, a particular knowledge of postural and pain patterns, and special techniques to offer functional support from conception through postpartum. 


With pregnancy comes a wide range of experiences that can include joy, gratitude, and excitement, and for some, isolation, worry, grief, and physical discomforts. We're here to support and normalize wherever you are in your pregnancy and offer hands-on care. As they say, "It takes a village." and we're honored to be a part of yours. 

Prenatal Massage 

Specialized Prenatal Massage can help ease the pains that come with hormone changes, belly expansion, postural changes, body fluid fluctuations, and more, with acknowledgment and adaptations made for clients with special needs.

  • Stress relief & relaxation

  • Less nausea during the first trimester

  • Postural support

  • Balanced uterine expansion

  • Eases pelvic/hip/low back pain

  • Relief from swelling, puffiness, and other common discomforts (carpal tunnel, foot, joint pain, etc.)

  • Birth preparation - targeting areas that push, expand, and stretch during childbirth, along with increased pelvic floor awareness, control, and recovery


Postpartum Massage 

The postpartum period, often the most overlooked stage of the perinatal journey in Western culture, is arguably the time when care is needed most. For this stage, which begins after birth and extends years beyond, we offer continued support through Massage specialized to your needs.

  • Massage will help to avoid and/or resolve prolapse

  • Encourages hormonal rebalancing

  • Accelerate healing of the pelvic & abdominal tissues

  • Guides pelvis & organs back into proper position

  • Eases tensions associated with new postural patterns (looking down at baby, carrying, breastfeeding)

  • Cesarean scar healing

  • Self-care (giving back to the giver)


At Mulberry Acupuncture & Wellness, we're dedicated to supporting you throughout this extraordinary journey, providing you with the care and expertise you deserve.


If you are interested in learning more about our Maternity Massage offerings and how they can benefit you, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Sarah Douros today

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